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Our black tea is made of a special blend that yields a unique and invigorating aroma. We take special care to produce a well balanced black tea that has both liquor and flavor while maintaining all the benefits that black tea has to offer. Anderson Black Tea comes in both tea bags and loose leaf, which can be taken with or without milk.

Fun Fact: Black tea in Meghalaya is also known as Red Tea or ‘sha saw’, when taken without milk.


250 gms, 100 gms, 30 gms


100 gms

Add a cup of green tea to your day to awaken your senses and strengthen your heart and brain. Green tea is known to not only stimulate mental alertness due to its caffeine content, but also to reduce blood pressure due to a good number of polyphenol antioxidants. 

Fun Fact: Fresh leaves of the tea plant are lightly steamed to produce green tea.

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100 gms, 50 gms, 15 gms

Grown in the verdant slopes of our estate, Anderson White Tea is made up of only the buds of the tea plant – making it a powerful antioxidant beverage with a smooth earthy flavour. We ensure that even the first shoots of the tea plant are tended to with skill and care and in doing so, most of the plant can be consumed, reducing waste and producing taste!

Fun Fact: The bud has 3 times the amount of antioxidants and a lower amount of caffeine than the tea leaf.

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Anderson Tea

The Anderson Tea Estate saw its first tea leaves grown on the lush gentle slopes of Meghalaya, India in 1997. Our tea is developed through a farm to table process where we grow, process, and pack our product all in house. Being a small family run plantation, hard work and dedication eventually gave way to a steady growth that produces high quality tea today. Although our products can be found throughout the state of Meghalaya, customers outside the state who have tasted the Anderson flavor prefer it over other products due to its superior blend. We invite you to experience the taste of Meghalaya and spread the joy of tea!

“There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.”

- Lin Yutang, The Importance of Living -

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Find our products in stores in Shillong at:

Hotel assembly, Ander’s Mansion, Police bazaar, Shillong
Rap’s Departmental Store, Secretariat Hills, Shillong
Regetta Stores, Laitumkhrah, Shillong
Don Bosco Museum, Mawlai Phudmuri, Shillong

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