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about anderson tea

Local. Affordable. Sustainable. Micro-hydro Powered Tea.

The Anderson Tea Estate was first envisioned by Mr. G. H Syiemlieh, locally known as ‘Bah Han’ or Mr. Handerson, as an endearment of the wishes of his wife, Mrs. Keldoris Sohkhlet, who in her younger years grew up at the tea estates at Lakhimpur, Assam. Soon enough, the founder’s vision broadened into providing employment to the local youth and to people in need of jobs as well as putting Meghalaya on the Tea Map of the country. With the help of his son, Mr. A. Sohkhlet, the first tea leaves sprung from the lush, gentle slopes of the Estate in Ri-Bhoi, Meghalaya in 1997. The plantation started growing steadily and with dedication and plenty of hard work, the capacity to process the tea leaves within the Estate itself came to fruition in 2009.


The Estate today is covered in rich, verdant high quality tea bushes that are tended to with skill and care. These tea bushes produce three different types of tea: black, white, and green. The Anderson Tea Estate produces both black and white tea, with the familiar blended CTC and orthodox produced just the way Meghalaya likes it. This blend is popular whether partaken as the locally known “Sha Saw” (red tea) or “Sha Dud” (milk tea). Anderson Tea Estate also produces white tea and green tea for the few customers who enjoy its pristine health benefits and unmatched flavour. The tea bags with its rich liquor are also a favourite amongst locals. 


Looking forward now, Anderson Tea’s vision is to produce affordable products locally and sustainably. While the tea is processed in-house by Meghalaya’s hard working people, it is also being powered by a micro hydro plant which runs our operations with clean, green, renewable energy. The Micro Hydel plant harnesses the potential of the stream traversing through the estate and powers the majority of our Black Tea or CTC blends.


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